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Redress scheme needed for illegal adoption cases

Rossa McMahon writes in today’s Irish Examiner about some of the legal issues arising out of the illegal adoptions story. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar … says the sense he has from the people affected is that they are looking for information, not money. This is a convenient attitude for the Government to take, but the reality […]

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5 tips for dealing with relationship problems

Just as we returned to work and our normal lives last week the media was full of grim references to “divorce week”. It is true that solicitors often have a spike in family law work after the Christmas break, as it is an unusual time when relationship difficulties which had been brewing come to a […]

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“Smacking” children to be indefensible

The Government has moved to outlaw the “smacking” of children. In fact, using force against a child is already illegal, but a discipline defence has long been recognised by the courts. Once the law is changed, hitting or smacking a child will no longer be defensible on the grounds of discipline. There are three main […]

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How to change your name

Confusion often surrounds what legal steps are required to change your name. In fact, for adults, it is quite simple: you change your name by using the new name. No further legal formalities are required. Difficulties arise, however, in having organisations like banks and state agencies accept the new name. For that reason, a deed […]

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Court guidance on claims by cohabiting partners

When the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 was introduced, most of the focus was on the first element of the Act: civil partnerships. With the passing of the marriage referendum it appears that the Government will in fact revoke legal provision for civil partnerships. However, a significant part of […]

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Changes to child and family law not yet activated

Much of the debate about the marriage referendum has been focussed on family law issues but the referendum itself will not affect these. Significant changes have already been introduced, not by any laws connected to the referendum, but by the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015. The Act makes changes to the law on adoption […]

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