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How to change your name

Confusion often surrounds what legal steps are required to change your name. In fact, for adults, it is quite simple: you change your name by using the new name. No further legal formalities are required. Difficulties arise, however, in having organisations like banks and state agencies accept the new name. For that reason, a deed […]

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EU Succession Regulation clarifies inheritance of foreign properties

Since Monday (17 August 2015) the European Succession Regulation (known as “Brussels IV”) has allowed European Union residents who own properties in other member states to apply the law of their home country to their foreign property when they die. The Regulation will not apply to all EU property. Some states, including Ireland, have opted […]

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Get your NCT on time or face harsh penalties

With the delays in obtaining NCT test appointments in recent years drivers often failed to get a test certificate before the deadline for doing so. The consequences can be severe. Many drivers are unaware of the relatively serious penalties for driving a car without an NCT certificate. Things improved in late 2014 when the fixed […]

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Succession planning still an issue for Irish family businesses

PwC have published an interesting survey on family businesses which has a global scope but also has significant conclusions in relation to Irish businesses. The survey covers a range of issues including growth, going digital and the increase in professional management of family businesses. A striking finding, however, is that only 1 in 10 of […]

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New fines for cyclists, but do you know the existing law?

The Minister for Transport will introduce a new system of fixed-charged notices for cycling offences later this month. There will be 7 specific offences that would each require the payment of a €40 fine. The details of the new regulations have not yet been published but it must be assumed that if a fine is […]

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Are you getting the points?

You might have seen news reports last week of people “avoiding” penalty points on their driving licences by not producing their driving licence in court. This is indeed a “loophole” in the law but, to be fair to most people concerned, they are unlikely to have known they were exploiting it. All District Court summons […]

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Our new site

We’re delighted to publish our new site today which we hope will give you an overview of our expert solicitors, the services we offer and what we can do for you. In particular we look forward to updating the blog with news that we hope is useful and relevant for you. Please contact us if […]

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7th Annual Garry McMahon Singing Weekend

The Garry McMahon Singing Weekend, named in honour of our founder, takes place again this year in Abbeyfeale from 16 – 18 October. Those hoping to enter the annual ballad writing competition should get composing now. Full details here

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Court guidance on claims by cohabiting partners

When the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 was introduced, most of the focus was on the first element of the Act: civil partnerships. With the passing of the marriage referendum it appears that the Government will in fact revoke legal provision for civil partnerships. However, a significant part of […]

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Increase in lottery licence limits

Many clubs and societies, particularly a huge number of local sporting organisations across the country, raise much needed funds by holding weekly lotteries. These lotteries require a licence granted by the local District Court. For many years the maximum prize that could be at stake in any individual draw or series of draws over the […]

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