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Investment risk and uncertainty in the real estate housing marke

Clear as Mud: the law on management companies needs to be updated

Management companies have been a feature of apartment developments for decades but until recently these companies were unregulated. In 2011 a new law changed that and introduced rules to govern owner management companies (OMCs). However, it failed to adequately distinguish between apartment blocks and traditional housing estates, leading to unnecessary confusion and difficulties which are […]

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Water charges and house sales

Registration with Irish Water and payment of of water charges is a legal obligation for house occupants. It will also soon be a conveyancing issue for solicitors dealing with house sales. A recent law which has yet to be activated by the Minister of the Environment requires that water charges are paid before closing a […]

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Lying Couple On Grass And Dream House Collage

5 tips for buying a home

Buying a home is a key life step and a daunting undertaking – so make sure you know what is involved. Here are some practical steps that will make the process easier and the legal procedures smoother. Get your mortgage ready. Have approval in principle before viewing properties so that you can make offers. If […]

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