PG McMahon partners with UCC IT Law Clinic

PG McMahon Solicitors are pleased to have joined the panel of solicitors who partner with the IT Law Clinic in University College Cork.

The IT Law Clinic is run by UCC postgraduate law students along with academic supervisors and provides legal information to startups on copyright, e-commerce and data protection law.

The Clinic is linked with the University’s masters programme in intellectual property and builds on UCC’s membership of iLINC, an EU network of ICT Law Incubators.

Qualifying startups can submit requests for legal information on certain topics to the Clinic, whose postgraduate students will carry out research and prepare a draft response. Partner firms like PG McMahon Solicitors consult on the draft response to the startup involved.

John Molyneaux and Rossa McMahon are both graduates of UCC and Rossa has previously given a guest seminar to students in the clinic.

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