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Late payment of fixed charge penalties

As the District Courts reopened this month after the summer break there has been some good news for drivers who get fine notices for road traffic offences but fail to pay within the 56 days allowed. Since 1 June 2017, a third payment option has been introduced and while the amount of the fine doubles, […]

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5 tips for dealing with driving offences

Some driving offences, like drink driving, result in automatic disqualification from driving and people are generally aware of the risks involved. However, penalty points disqualification is now an increasing threat to drivers, particularly as the points for many offences has increased while the the threshold for disqualification has not. If you get 12 penalty points […]

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Are you getting the points?

You might have seen news reports last week of people “avoiding” penalty points on their driving licences by not producing their driving licence in court. This is indeed a “loophole” in the law but, to be fair to most people concerned, they are unlikely to have known they were exploiting it. All District Court summons […]

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