Solicitors in Newcastle West District Court

NCW CourtIf you have a summons or charge sheet for Newcastle West District Court, contact us for advice and representation.

We can provide prompt and reassuring advice on any prosecution, from road traffic offences like speeding and drink driving to more serious cases.

For the best response, email [email protected] with details of your case. If you have a smartphone, take pictures of the summons or other documentation and send it to us.

About us

We have decades of experience in defending clients in criminal prosecutions, including appeals. We provide full advice on court procedures, what to expect in court, evaluating evidence and advising on defences available or how to deal with a guilty plea. We are on the criminal legal aid panel.

We defend clients in relation to a range of charges including motoring offences (particularly drink driving and drug driving prosecutions, cases involving insurance, speeding and related offences) and assault/public order offences.


We also act for a variety of businesses in defending regulatory and other prosecutions, such as pharmacies, road haulage operators, developers and food businesses.

We are committed to advising clients in a full and practical manner.


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